We Now Do Attic Insulation

We do blown-in attic insulation to increase the efficiency of your home in the summer and winter.  Blown-In attic insulation is one of the energy saving measures that pays for itself the fastest.  Typically going from R11 in your attic (approximately 3 inches thick) to an R38 or above will pay for itself in less than 3 years of energy savings.

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We also Do Spray On Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier stops the heat of the roof from radiating into the attic.  This helps to keep the attic cooler in the summer time.  It also helps stop the heat of the attic from radiating through the roof in the winter time.  This helps save on energy bills year round.  The spray on radiant barrier is slightly less efficient than the foil type radiant barrier, but is much more cost effective.  The foil type is very labor intensive to install properly.

Radiant Barrier should always be installed on the bottom of the roof deck.  Some people say to install it on the floor of the attic so that it keeps the heat from radiating into the living space, but allows the attic to heat up.  The problem with this is that your air conditioning ductwork is in the attic and one of the main benefits of radiant barrier is to keep the attic cooler so that the ductwork and equipment is in a cooler environment.  Typically you loose 20% of your cooling capacity and efficiency through the ductwork being in a hot attic.

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