Radiant Barrier

Spray on Radiant Barrier will help to keep your attic and ductwork cooler in the summer time.  This coating material will stop 68% of the heat from the roof deck from being radiated into your attic space.  This keeps your attic cooler which reduces the cooling load on your home.  Also since your air conditioning ductwork is running in your attic it will keep the ductwork cooler and reduce the losses making your air conditioner cool better.


The coating material is sprayed onto the underside of the roof deck as shown in the above picture.

This is a photograph of the underside of a roof that was coated with the Radiant Barrier spray.  The spot in the middle of the picture was not coated to show the difference in the infrared image taken below.

In this thermal image of the roof deck it shows very clearly that the uncoated portion of the roof is drastically hotter than the coated portion.  The very dark part of the image is the coolest and the white part is the hottest.  This shows without a doubt that the radiant barrier coating reduces the amount of heat that is radiated into the attic space.  As stated above this will keep your attic cooler and reduce your power bills.