The AC-Enhancer

The AC-Enhancer

Enhances the Efficiency and Dehumidification Capacity of your existing Central Air Conditioning System.

The Standard Un-Enhanced System:

The most inefficient time in the operation of an air conditioning system is the start-up time. The more the system starts and stops the less efficient it will be. For the average system it takes between 8 to 10 minutes of operation for the system to reach its peak operating efficiency and its peak dehumidification capacity. The other problem is when the air conditioner stops the inside coil is saturated with moisture. Some of this moisture runs off, but a lot of it stays on the coil, up to 3 gallons on some new high efficiency coils. When the air conditioner comes back on and the fan starts blowing the warm air across this warm coil, the moisture is blown off the coil back into the house. It then takes about 8 minutes of operation to get the coil cold and moist to start the dehumidification process. This is very inefficient. Some variable speed units have come out with what they call an enhanced mode that runs the blower at a reduced speed for 8 ½ minutes every time the system starts. This time is not adjustable and in humid climates will cause the unit, ductwork, and grilles to condense water and sweat.

This is unacceptable.

The AC-EnhancerTM is the Solution to the problems of the Un-Enhanced System.

How It Works:

The AC-EnhancerTM allows the condensing unit to cool the inside evaporator coil below the dew point temperature before the blower is brought on. This allows the coil to start dehumidifying the air before the blower comes on. With the coil pre-cooled it reduces the “blow-off” of moisture, thus reducing the time it takes the system to start the dehumidification process and increasing the overall dehumidification capacity of the system. The compressor is allowed to start with a reduced load so that it can reach its peak efficiency faster.

The AC-EnhancerTM then brings the blower on at a reduced speed to allow the compressor to increase its load at a controlled rate before bringing the blower up to its full speed. This allows the system to get up to its peak capacity and efficiency in 2 minutes or less and will not cause sweating of the system, ducts, or grilles.

Why Don’t the Manufacturers Do this?

The AC-EnhancerTM increases the overall delivered efficiency and dehumidification capacity of the air conditioning system. The manufacturer’s SEER ratings of the equipment are based on a unit in a laboratory environment with continuous run time. They do not measure start-up inefficiencies when rating the equipment. Therefore, the manufacturers would not gain any SEER rating increase, but the homeowner can benefit greatly with this technology.

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