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Crawl Spaces

Crawl Spaces

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CCAC Transforms Crawl Spaces

Most homes, especially older ones, have musty, humid, debris-filled crawl spaces. Corpus Christi crawl spaces are no different, and they tend to be more humid due to our climate. If your crawl space has these issues and is something you dread accessing, it’s probably time to have your crawl space insulated. 

Crawl space insulation not only makes your crawl space accessible but transforms your home’s energy efficiency. If your crawl space currently has no insulation, moisture can seep through, causing bad odors and the perfect conditions for bugs to inhabit. Without insulation, your house can become humid as air seeps up through the floorboards. On the same note, the cool and hot air in your home can seep out through the floorboards. When you have your crawl space insulated, you’ll save money on your heating and air usage and improve the air quality in your home. 

Types of Crawl Spaces 

If your crawl space has vents around the sides, it’s considered a vented crawl space. Alternatively, no vents means you have a closed or unventilated crawl space. Newer homes tend to be built with an unvented crawl space, but many older homes still have vented crawl spaces. Vented crawl spaces were helpful until the invention of the air conditioning system. In the summer, when a home has the AC on and the humidity outside exceeds the temperature the AC is set to, condensation forms under the house, creating rot, mildew and eventually the failure of the structure. No matter which type of crawl space you have, it’s still important to have it properly insulated. If you have an unvented crawl space that isn’t insulated well, the same problems can occur. 

Signs You Have a Moisture Problem in Your Crawl Space

Below are a few, common signs to look for when determining if your crawl space has moisture issues and needs to be insulated:

  • Mold in the crawl space, on the underside of your floors or on floor joists
  • Musty or mildew odor
  • Increased insects outside or inside the home 
  • Condensation on surfaces or equipment in the crawl space 
  • Buckling joists or wood structures  
  • Rotten areas in the wooden structures
  • Noticeable humidity inside your home

The Insulation Process

What type of crawl space you have will determine the insulation installation process. Ventilated crawl spaces will consist of covering the underside of the subfloor with a vapor barrier, as well as joists and the walls, to eliminate moisture and prevent mold. Closed crawl spaces will be a similar process but include applying a vapor barrier to the dirt floor for maximum moisture protection.

Although sealing your crawl space with insulation may seem like a do-it-yourself task, it’s best to have a professional tackle the job. CCAC Air Conditioning has professionals that know how to handle your property and your peace of mind. We’ll get the job done right and keep your home functioning at its best for years to come. Go with the air conditioning company Corpus Christi homeowners count on – CCAC.

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