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Do I Need An Electrician To Install A Ceiling Fan?

October 18, 2022 | Blog

Home improvements are always tempting to try yourself, but there are some that are best left to professionals. Ceiling fans can define your home in multiple ways, especially with their air circulation and style benefits. Fans seem simple to install because we see them everywhere, but this isn’t the case.

Mathews CCAC is here to clear up the confusion for Corpus Christi homeowners with electrical DIYs. Today, we’ll explain what projects are possible to do on your own, and which ones aren’t!

Electrical Fan Installation: DIY Or Professional?

At some point, you may need to install or replace a ceiling fan in your home. It seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, there are actually a lot of moving parts. Unless you’re a professional electrician, we recommend you leave this project to the pros. There are a few reasons for this, actually:

1) There are electrical wires involved.

First and foremost, there’s always a danger in working with wiring. Electrical work is complicated and several rules come with it. Each wire’s color has a meaning, and that color can show a “live” wire.

Electrical work requires a fair amount of personal safety equipment, too, because it involves risk. Electrocution and fires are very real hazards for professional electricians, but these risks are more important for a non-professional. Remembering the wiring rules is tough enough, but remembering the safety precautions adds another layer of difficulty for DIY-ers.

2) It’ll require working on a ladder.

As if remembering all of that electrician knowledge weren’t enough, there’s an extra challenge: a ladder. Working on a ladder is challenging no matter what, but it’s made even more difficult if you have issues with balance. On top of that, you’ll have to work with your arm over your head, which can throw you off balance even more.

Ladder accidents are no joke, and they’re common. It’s probably the most dangerous part of a ceiling fan installation, because there really isn’t any procedure to guarantee your safety on them. It’s another reason to leave this task to a professional electrician.

3) There’s a risk of the fan falling if it isn’t installed properly.

Have you ever noticed your ceiling fan wobble after it was installed? It can be incredibly annoying, and it can actually damage your ceiling. If that unstable fan breaks loose from its support, it’ll come crashing down. A loose ceiling fan can seriously harm the people in the room, and the room itself, of course.

The scariest thing is that a fan really won’t warn you before it falls. Plus, this unexpected fall can be deadly. A professional electrician will install a fan brace box to fully support the fan and ensure that it stays stable.

Leave Ceiling Fan Installation To Professional Electricians

At the end of the day, there aren’t many benefits to installing your own ceiling fan. From falling fans to the risk of electrocution, there are plenty of risks involved. Instead, we recommend calling your trusted electrician to install your new ceiling fan!

A Trusted Corpus Christi Electrical Team

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No matter your electrical need, you can always call Matthews CCAC to get the job done right.

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