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Corpus Christi Home Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety for Corpus Christi Homes

Electricity runs throughout your home, powering not only your lights, but your appliances, internet and air conditioner, too. With so much of your daily routine relying on electricity, educating yourself about electrical safety is very important. Keep your household safe and comfortable by learning about common electrical hazards and how you can avoid them.

Here at Mathews CCAC, we prioritize safety – not only the safety of our technicians but the safety of our customers and their homes. Read on to learn more about electrical safety in Corpus Christi and how you can minimize electrical hazards in your home. For trusted electrical services for your home or business, turn to the team at Mathews CCAC. Reach out today!

Common Electrical Hazards

Just as with all the elements in your home, the electrical system cannot work perfectly forever. Over time with daily use, wiring can wear out or become loose, pest infestations can cause wiring damage and insufficient insulation can cause moisture damage. If you notice loose outlets, hot light fixtures, burning smells or flickering lights, these are all signs of electrical problems.

Electrical issues can put your household at risk of shock, arc flash or fire if left unresolved. Avoid injury, property damage and potential loss of life by practicing electrical safety in your home. To help eliminate electrical risks in your Corpus Christi home, reach out to Mathews CCAC for dependable electrical services.

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Practicing preventative maintenance can help you avoid common electrical hazards. Use common sense, stay safe around electrical equipment and educate your household about electrical safety tips. Here is a list of electrical safety tips:

  • Avoid overloading outlets – Don’t plug too many devices into one outlet. Avoid using multiple extension cords in one outlet. Only use one heat-producing appliance (hair dryer, toaster, coffee maker etc.) in an outlet at a time.
  • Don’t run cords under carpets or rugs – Not only does this pose a tripping hazard, but it also creates a fire hazard. Contact our team to schedule an outlet installation if you’re relying on extension cords regularly.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use – This is a good habit to develop in your household. It can save your appliances from damage in case of a power surge. Unplugging also eliminates wasted energy due to ‘phantom loads.’
  • Keep appliances away from water – Water and electricity are a deadly combination. Make sure kitchen appliances are kept away from the sink, and bathroom appliances don’t go near the tub or shower. Never touch a plug or outlet with wet hands.
  • Dispose of items with damaged cords – Using appliances with frayed or damaged cords can result in surges, sparks and electrical fires. It’s best to replace items with damaged cords instead of trying to repair the cord yourself.

In addition to these tips, it’s advised that you always hire a professional electrician to perform residential electrical services. Don’t risk injury or fire in an attempt to perform repairs or upgrades yourself. Reach out to Mathews CCAC for dependable, long-lasting electrical services.

Trust the Pros at Mathews CCAC

Electricity is critical for your home to function – without it, your daily routines can come to a grinding halt. Even though it is very helpful, electricity also poses serious health and property hazards. Keep your home and family safe by developing electrical safety habits. If you notice a problem with your home’s electricity, don’t delay – reach out to Mathews CCAC right away!

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