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Getting Your Heater Replaced in Corpus Christi  

In this area, the idea of getting your heater replaced may not be at the top of mind for many homeowners, considering you use your AC more than your heater. However, if you’ve made countless repairs on your heater and you’re still having problems, it’s probably time to have a Mathews CCAC  professional take a look at replacing it. 

How to Know When it’s Time for a New Heater 

There’s not a general set of rules for when to get a new heater – all heaters are different and can experience different problems. Similar to knowing when to repair your heater, there are tips and telltale signs of needing a heater replacement. When the time comes for you to make the decision to replace your heater, call a Mathews CCAC professional to get the job done right. 

1. Your heater is older than 15 years.

Most things won’t last forever. Time always takes its toll on machinery. Your heater is no different. It’s bound to experience some wear and tear. The average heater is designed to last anywhere from 10-15 years, and maintenance will increase the likelihood of it lasting to the longer end of that spectrum. After 15 years, it’s wise to have a professional take a look at your heater to determine if it is still running efficiently. That way it won’t be a surprise when it comes time to replace your heater.

2. After repair, your heater continues to experience problems or loud noises.

If you’ve had your heater repaired time and time again with no fix lasting long, having a new heater installed is your only solution. If your heater makes loud noises that continue to grow louder even after repair, there could be serious problems within the heater’s components. Noises like clicking, humming, screeching, rattling, and popping is commonly heard when something is awry. 

3. Your energy bill continues to get more expensive.

Your energy bill is unique to your home. There is no set guideline to how much you should be spending. If you notice your energy bill gets more expensive each month, but you’ve been using the same amount of energy, as usual, your heater may be running inefficiently. If you’ve had a professional do a tune-up and you’re still experiencing the same problem, investing in a new heater will save you money on your energy bill. 

4. You can never have a comfortable temperature in every room.

If you’ve been experiencing temperature fluctuations in each room, one being hot and one being cold, and you’ve already had someone check the thermostat, your heater is not doing its job properly. Another problem could be a blockage in the air ducts – but if that has also been checked, your heater may need replacing so that you won’t have to continuously adjust the thermostat. 

Call a Mathews CCAC Professional Today

As you see above, there are many reasons you may need to replace your heater. Get in front of the situation before your heater completely malfunctions by scheduling a heater tune-up and understanding when your heater is starting to decline and become inefficient. When you’re ready to make the decision of heater replacement, call CCAC to have a professional get you on the right track for your home! Go with the heater installation company Corpus Christi homeowners can count on – Mathews CCAC.

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