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How Warm Should My Texas Home Be In Winter?

December 20, 2023 | Blog

Is It Possible to Let Your Home Get Too Warm?

While summer is all about keeping cool, winter is the perfect season for bundling up at home with the heater on. However, there is such a thing as too high a temperature. By adjusting your thermostat setting in the winter, you can keep your Texas home feeling cozy without wasting energy on heat you don’t need!

At Mathews CCAC, we want to help keep your house comfortable year-round! Our expert technicians offer repair, replacement and maintenance services for heating and AC systems. Read on to learn our tips for keeping your house warm in winter!

Can Your Home Get Too Hot?

Though it’s tempting to turn your thermostat up when it’s cold outside, this decision may make you sweat in the future. Keeping your house at a reasonable temperature can warm you up and provide added benefits. Below are a few reasons not to set the thermostat too high!

Save Money On Heating

It’s easy to turn the temperature up, but this decision may cost you in the long run – literally! According to the Department of Energy, for each degree above 68 degrees, heating costs increase by 1 percent. To avoid high energy bills, try to keep your house only as hot as you need it.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Depending on what type of furnace you own, high temperatures can hurt the heating process. Gas-fired furnaces work best at moderate temperatures, so they won’t operate at optimum efficiency if it’s too warm. Therefore, a high thermostat may result in increased energy consumption and higher monthly expenses.

Avoid Wear And Tear

Because it does an important job, it’s normal for your furnace to experience wear and tear. However, turning up your heat may speed this process along. High operating temperatures and longer heat cycles can damage pieces that your system needs to function!

Though turning up the heat feels great at the moment, remembering not to set too high a number will keep you and your furnace happy over time!

What Is The Ideal Home Temperature?

Now that you know why keeping your house too hot is a bad idea, you may wonder what the ideal temperature is. The average temperature of Texas homes in the winter ranges from 68 to around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the most energy-efficient temperature for heat is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sticking to this number will help keep your house warm enough to combat the cold while helping you avoid using heat you don’t need. Even if the weather outside isn’t ideal, you can make sure the conditions inside are!

Tips For Furnace Maintenance

Once you know how hot it needs to run, your furnace must be up for the task. Here are some tips for making sure your furnace runs efficiently over the entire winter season.

Check Your Furnace Filter

When air cycles through your heater, the filter traps debris to prevent dusty ductwork. Because pollutants can build up over time, you should replace it every one to three months.

Clean Your Furnace

While some tasks require expert assistance, you can change your filter and clean your furnace by yourself! If your machine is malfunctioning, turn it off, open the combustion door and check if any parts are dirty or out of place.

Schedule A Tune-Up

Even after DIY maintenance, it’s best to invest in a professional tune-up annually. Call Mathews CCAC when your heater needs an expert opinion!

By conducting simple maintenance tasks, you can treat your furnace to a longer lifespan and yourself to a well-heated home!

What If My Furnace Stops Working?

While you can take care of minor heating issues yourself, it can feel a lot scarier when your furnace stops working altogether. If you notice that your heating system has stopped functioning, these tips can help you solve your issue.

  • Invest in an energy-efficient replacement — New energy-efficient models get more use out of your house’s power. Investing in one can bring back your heat and shave money off your energy bill!
  • Call Mathews CCAC — Whether you need a repair or replacement, Mathews CCAC is the way to go! Our technicians can address your unique system and get your house up and running in no time.

Even when it’s cold outside, a broken furnace isn’t the end of the world. By consulting an expert, you can find a solution that will benefit your house’s system year-round!

Call Mathews CCAC For A Warm And Cozy Winter!

Whether you need a furnace tune-up or a water heater installation, Mathews CCAC has you covered! We offer expert HVAC, plumbing and electrical services across Corpus Christi. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your home!

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