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What Temperature Should Your Heater Be Set At In The Winter?

December 16, 2021 | Blog

Colder weather is near, and you may attempt to increase the temperature to ensure the home stays warm. But you may end up wasting money, energy and overworking the heater system. It is ideal to set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. It’s the ideal temperature for comfort and to save money on energy bills. 

But why is setting that temperature for the winter ideal for your home? According to the Department of Energy, you can save as much as 10% a year on your energy bills by lowering the temperature to 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Set Temperature?

High Utility Bills

You’re increasing the chances of high utility bills if you keep adjusting the temperature to your preferences.

Your thermostat can be an issue, you may notice the heater doesn’t turn off or if the heater is on for longer than usual. It can give you high utility bills. It can be that the thermostat wiring isn’t connected or if it is no longer responding to the HVAC system.

Your Heater Is Overworking

Your heater would have to spend lots of energy to heat your home and can shut down on you during the winter. This means having to call a professional to come to check your system. If there are problems, you may end up having to replace some parts or would have to install a new HVAC system. 

Signs of an overworked heater can look like:

  • High energy bills 
  • Uneven temperature in each room
  • Constant system repairing

There are some steps you may need to take to ensure your HVAC system is performing well during the winter. If you don’t, you may have to spend more money than usual.

Heater Practices

Get A Smart Thermostat

If you want money and energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to get a smart or programmable thermostat that can control the temperature.

  • A smart thermostat learns your home patterns and sets the ideal temperature. 
  • A programmable thermostat allows you to have a variety of temperature settings to your preferences. If you keep adjusting the temperature, your bill will increase.

Schedule Tune-ups Twice a Year

It is in your best interests as a homeowner to a schedule tune-up twice a year. This is to ensure your HVAC system is performing up to par – you can also use this opportunity to ask your technician any questions you have about your HVAC system. 

Do Regular HVAC Maintenance

To elongate your HVAC system’s lifespan, you have to get maintenance done regularly. This includes the following:

  • Inspecting and changing your air filter every month
  • Checking if your thermostat is connected and responds to your HVAC system
  • Inspecting and cleaning your furnace, heat pumps, and blowers

Contact The Pros

If you have any questions about the ideal set temperature for the winter, contact us at Mathews CCAC! We offer all types of HVAC services such as heater replacement, repair and tune-ups. Our team of professionals is happy to help you get your home ready for the chilly weather to come!

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