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Winter Allergies In Your Home

November 23, 2021 | Blog

While living near the coast allows you to experience more mild winters than your northern neighbors, it does not come without its own winter setbacks. Sudden fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on your immune system as mold, pollen and other allergens spike during these times. Seeking shelter in your home may sound logical but often the air in your home is more polluted than the air outside. Air quality testing is one way to minimize pollutants in your home and help alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms. CCAC AC is equipped to help you breathe easier this winter allergy season. 

What causes allergies 

  • The most common cause of winter allergies in Texas is Mountain Cedar pollen. In fact, this type of allergy is so common that it has been given its own name: Cedar Fever.  
  • Mold is another common allergen found year-round, with spore counts often peaking after heavy rainfall. Winters in sSouth Texas are often dreary and rainy, which makes it ideal for mold growth. High levels of humidity can promote mold growth in your home and can also create an ideal condition for dust mites. 
  • Carbon dioxide is a common element that affects your indoor air quality (IAQ). It is only toxic at very high levels, but a peak spike in carbon dioxide can make your space feel stuffy and stale. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, potentially fatal, product of combustion and its presence should be taken seriously.  

Bringing the outside in 

Allergens from outdoors can enter your home through open doors and windows. Limit the amount of allergens inside by keeping your windows and doors shut. Once you’ve shut yourself inside, be mindful that the air in your home may still negatively affect your health. Allergy symptoms can be triggered by more than just the outdoor elements. Cleaning supplies, secondhand smoke and pet dander are all sources that can pollute the air in your home. Ideally, your furnace is designed to circulate clean air around your space. If the air in your home is full of irritants and allergens, even after replacing your filter, consider scheduling an air quality test. We at CCAC are equipped to test your indoor air quality with our premium IAQ services.  

Limit indoor allergens 

Consider these tips to further ensure your home’s air quality. Allergens can settle on surfaces like carpeting and soft furniture. If your home has carpet, vacuum regularly to keep allergens out of your HVAC system. Choose filters for your heating system that are rated higher for filtering allergens. Also, consider a washable option for drapes or opt for blinds instead that can be wiped clean. In addition, there are allergy-blocking mattress cover options to keep indoor allergens like dust mites and pet dander down. In a nutshell: clean your space routinely during allergy season, change your HVAC filter often and schedule an air quality test for peace of mind. 

Contact CCAC 

Once you understand what allergens are present in your home, you can make the necessary changes to do away with them for good. You and your family deserve to be comfortable and allergy free this winter, so why not start today? Contact us at CCAC to schedule your indoor air quality test.  

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