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What Are The Different Types of Air Conditioners?

Whether you are shopping for an AC system for your new home or finally upgrading your older system, AC replacement can get overwhelming. In this day and age there is a wide range of cooling units and combinations of AC systems that can fulfill your needs – you simply have to make the right choices that will bring the highest efficiency at the most affordable price.

At CCAC our air experts have years of experience matching the appropriate AC system to each home they work with. If you’re unsure what kind of air conditioner is right for your space, keep reading to find out the main types of air conditioners and what they’re designed to do.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of AC

The four main things you want to consider when choosing the kind of air conditioning for your space are:

  • Budget
  • Energy Consumption
  • Space Requirements
  • Cooling Power

For any kind of AC unit, these are the standards that will determine which unit is right for you. Take some time and figure out what your priorities and preferences are for the above list before exploring the available AC options.

Whole-Home AC Systems

When you are looking for an air conditioning system that can cool your entire home, there are five main options. There may be other combinations or systems available to you, but the following AC units make up the core of your options.

1. Central AC

Traditional HVAC systems are a great option for large homes that need cooling in every room of the house. The use of ducts allows air to be pushed to all living spaces and provides even cooling throughout the home. Some downsides to this type of system are the higher energy usage and the probability of air ducts causing some loss of air along the way.

2. Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless system eliminates the efficiency loss of air ducts and allows individual spaces to be cooled separately from the other rooms in the home. This increases efficiency and effectiveness when cooling a home. The negatives of these systems are that one ductless air handler can’t handle the load of an entire home – more than one will have to be installed based on the size of the home. Also, the air handlers must be installed on the inner wall of the home, potentially disrupting the aesthetics of the interior design.

3. Floor Mounted ACs

If you want the convenience of a mini-split system, but don’t have the required wall space to mount the air handlers, floor mounts are a good option. Essentially, the air handler can be installed on or near the floor and provide ductless cooling to the space. The negative sides of this cooling system are the inconvenience of the appliance blocking furniture and potentially delivering uneven cooling to the room.

4. Smart Air Conditioner

Although Smart technology is more of a perk that is designed in some ductless AC systems, it is still important to consider if you want to invest in this kind of cooling system. Even traditional HVAC systems can be controlled by Smart thermostats and other devices. The pros of having smart technology are ultimate control, accurate comfort and energy savings when cooling your home. However, they are more expensive than regular units. 

5. Geothermal AC System

Geothermal air regulation uses the insulation properties of the earth beneath your home to help keep your house consistently warm or cool. It is widely known that geothermal AC installation and setup is the most expensive of your options. However, the utilization of the natural heating and cooling process underground can provide you with massive energy savings. Plus, the system is known to last much longer than a typical air conditioner. 

Want To Discuss AC Installation Options?

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