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Four Reasons Your AC is Rattling

October 14, 2021 | Blog

Here in Corpus Christi, we use our air conditioners to fight heat and humidity most of the year. That means we’re really familiar with how they sound when we turn them on. That faint rumble of crisp, cool air making its way through the ducts and to our vents is a great way to end a hot day outside. Except when that rumble turns into a rattle!

If your AC is rattling, CCAC is here to help. Any kind of abnormal sound from your AC isn’t a good sign, and you should be aware when it’s time to call on the HVAC pros to get your system running correctly again. Plus, we can perform AC maintenance on a regular basis to make sure that rattling doesn’t return. Want to know what’s causing that rattling AC sound? Keep reading to find out!


Your outdoor AC unit may seem pretty sturdy, but there’s a lot of debris outside that can affect your AC’s performance. Tree branches, sticks, leaves and even gravel or rocks can find their way inside the unit. If you notice debris on the outside of the unit, clear it away. When you feel comfortable, turn off the unit and open it up to collect any other debris.

Loose Panels

To access the inner components of your outdoor AC unit, there are a couple of panels you can unscrew. These panels can come loose — either over time, or from being left un-tightened the last time someone opened them — and rattle when the unit is running. If you notice the screws aren’t tightened, give them a quick turn with a screwdriver. If the rattling persists, it’s time to call on the professionals.

Motor Damage

There are several fans and blowers inside the AC unit that make moving air to and from your home possible. These motors are just machines themselves and can experience malfunctions or break down. One of the symptoms of a broken or damaged motor is a rattling sound from pieces coming loose. Always contact a professional for AC motor problems. If your motor is completely broken, you’ll need an expert to make sure your system doesn’t decline rapidly in health and efficiency. 

Malfunctioning Fan Blade

The fans inside your unit that blow air each have a number of blades. If these blades are installed incorrectly or become damaged, they can hit their casing every time they are running. This could cause the rattling sound you hear from your AC. Like with damaged motors, fan blade issues are best handled by a professional. Number one, incorrect installation expenses could be covered by the warranty of the installer. Number two, replacing fans and fan blades should be handled safely by an expert HVAC technician.

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