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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

September 15, 2022 | Blog

Looking to avoid that notorious Texas heat? Whenever you’re searching for new AC appliances, it can be easy to get really overwhelmed. The explanations of different effects that they have on your house aren’t fully explained, and it can be frustrating to consistently have to research new heating options or attempt to do professional heater installation without the proper knowledge and background.

Part of the charm of choosing a heat pump is while it looks complicated on the surface, heat pump installation is significantly simpler than most heating and AC units. If you’re still looking for a simple heating installation done by professionals, Mathews CCAC has been providing Corpus Christi with the best in HVAC and electrical services since 1979. Dedicated to personalizing your AC and electrical units, reliability is our top priority to keep you from sweating whenever you’re inside. Corpus Christi heater replacement doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with our associates by your side!


How Do Heat Pumps Create Warm Air?

Heat pumps work in a different way from your normal electrical AC units. Heat pumps take cold air from the outside and push it through high-temperature, high-pressure gas whenever it hits the indoors. During heat pump installation, you may notice pumps on the outside connected to the house through smaller pipes. These are connected to the internal unit that is in charge of changing the air temperature, which will then push warm air into the house.

What Is A Compressor?

The compressor is the main part of these heating options that enables the air from the outside to change its temperature. Whenever any substance is put under a high amount of pressure, the temperature goes up. Compressors actually make this one of the most eco-friendly options for those looking for a change in their AC units, as it only moves air rather than having to use large amounts of electricity to generate wind.


How Do Heat Pumps Generate Cold Air?

Heat pumps generate cold air by putting the air through a very cold refrigerant coil, where any excess heat is then absorbed by the liquid refrigerant. This evaporates into a lower temperature gas which is then run through the entire house to bring the overall temperature down. This refrigerant is also passed through the pipes that go into your house. During the professional heater installation, the refrigerant liquid will be placed into the appropriate chamber and this is what will do the heavy lifting on cooling the rest of your house!

What Is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is simply a chemical compound that required less energy to change forms of matter. It can translate easily from a liquid to a gas, then back to a liquid again. This makes it preferable for all of your heating options as it means that you’re using less energy than you would be with other types of AC. During professional heater installation, your HVAC specialist will pick the appropriate chemical blend to best fit the quantity of air needed for the house.

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