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HVAC Info You Need: Pet Edition

April 26, 2023 | Blog

There are plenty of paw-sitives when you have pets, but your HVAC system might not see it the same way. Between pet dander and chewed wires, your air conditioner can take quite a beating from your furry family members. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that will keep your AC in working order and your pets safe.

Mathews CCAC is here to cover some HVAC tips that will help you protect your pets and your system!

How Pets Affect Your AC

As much as we might love them, anybody with a clawed pillow or ruined pair of shoes knows that their pets can cause trouble from time to time. Here are some of the ways that your pets can damage different parts of your air conditioning system:

Beware Of Pet Hair

If you have a pet, chances are their hair is stuck to your clothes, bedding and other cloth surfaces in your home. Pet hair can also get stuck to your air filter as it circulates through your system. Eventually, the hair can build up and restrict airflow, making it harder for your air conditioner to regulate the temperature.

In addition to hair, your pets also bring dander, dirt and other allergens into your home. This can negatively impact your indoor air quality, especially during peak allergy season.

When They Have To Go, Make Sure It’s Not On Your AC Unit

Whether we like it or not, our pets go where they want to go. While urine doesn’t do too much damage to your fence or trees, it can wreak havoc on your air conditioner. If your pet urinates on your outside unit, it can cause parts to corrode and fail, leading to costly repairs.

A Shocking Choice For A Chew Toy

Our pets love their chew toys, and sometimes they love to chew other things too. If your AC unit has exposed wiring, your pet may be tempted to take a bite. Not only will your system malfunction if the wires are chewed, your pet could also get electrocuted!

Protecting Your System From Your Pets

There are plenty of opportunities for your pets to damage your AC or injure themselves. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions that will keep your system and pets out of harm’s way. Here are a few ways to protect your pets and your air conditioning system:

  • Buy better AC filters that are specifically meant for keeping pet hair, dirt and dander from hurting your air quality.
  • Fencing or repellent spray can keep your pet from urinating on your AC unit.
  • Covering exposed wires will prevent your pet from gnawing through them so easily.

Contact Your Corpus Christi AC Maintenance Specialists!

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioning tune-up to prepare your home for your new pup, or you want to make sure your unit is running at peak efficiency, Mathews CCAC has you covered! Contact us today to schedule your next tune-up or repair!

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