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Is A Ductless HVAC System Good To Have In Your Home?

May 26, 2023 | Blog

A ductless mini-split HVAC system is a great substitute for a central HVAC system. Ductless systems have a number of advantages, including ease of installation and lower energy costs. However, mini-splits work better in some Corpus Christi homes compared to others, and there are a few downsides to going ductless. Read on to explore these advantages and disadvantages with Mathews CCAC!

Upsides Of Ductless ACs

It’s easy to be skeptical of ductless ACs if you’ve only ever lived in a house with a traditional air conditioner or haven’t heard of mini-splits before. You might feel like there’s no point in going ductless when your traditional AC works just fine. Here are some things that may make a ductless system worth considering:


A ductless HVAC system directly delivers conditioned air to multiple zones in your home and gives you many interior design options that aren’t available with conventional air conditioners. You can hang the system on your wall, suspend it from the ceiling or mount it flush into a dropped ceiling.

Improved Air Quality

Ducts tend to accumulate potentially harmful contaminants over time. Ductless mini-split systems not only lack ductwork that can collect pollutants but also have multi-stage filtration that can drastically reduce airborne particulates.

Easy Installation

Installation of ducted systems can take several weeks, disrupting your normal activities and leaving you without a fully-functional system during that time. Ductless systems, however, are much less invasive and easier to install, usually only requiring a single day of labor. The ease of installation makes ductless ACs a perfect option for new construction and home additions.

Increased Energy Savings

Ductless systems are highly efficient because they don’t experience the energy loss associated with ducts. Instead of having to push conditioned air through a network of ducts, ductless mini-splits deliver air directly into a zone, minimizing energy loss.

Ductless System Drawbacks

While there are quite a few benefits to ductless systems, there are other things about them that might not seem as great. It’s worth weighing the disadvantages in addition to the benefits before jumping to commit to a whole new system. Here are some factors to consider before deciding if ductless is right for you:

Higher Upfront Costs

Whether replacing a single room baseboard or window unit or your home’s existing central HVAC system, ductless systems cost more to purchase and install out of pocket. However, it’s worth noting the increased energy savings mini-splits offer when considering if the investment is worth the higher upfront investment.

Requires Regular Maintenance

If you smoke or have pets, you’ll have to wash the filters more than once a month. Neglecting to clean your ductless HVAC system will make it incapable of handling the accumulated debris and could decrease your system’s lifespan.

Go Ductless With Mathews CCAC!

Since mini-split air conditioners are a newer technology, not all HVAC contractors are equipped to install ductless systems. If you choose to purchase a ductless system, be sure to work with an experienced contractor that can size and install the system correctly. For professional AC services and advice from HVAC experts in the Corpus Christi area, contact us at Mathews CCAC!

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