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Keep Your Pets Cool in a Heat Wave

August 10, 2021 | Blog

Pets are family. We all want to keep our animal family members safe from the sweltering heat in the summer. We can’t always be home with our animals, so it’s important to know how to keep them safe and comfortable while we are away. Summer temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Corpus Christi, Texas. That heat can have negative effects on your beloved cat or dog. At Corpus Christi Air Conditioning, we know the importance of pets, and we want to help you know how to protect them from the deadly Texas heat waves.

Here are a couple of CCAC’s pet owner’s tips to help fight against the crazy summer heat.

Should You Leave Your AC On When You Leave The House?

If you can afford it, you should leave the air conditioning on at a comfortable baseline. Most pet owners and veterinarians recommend leaving on the AC to keep your pet from overheating. Unlike humans, pets can’t shed their coats so they are likely to be hotter in the summer than humans. The furrier the dog, cat or another animal, the warmer they will be.

What Is Baseline Comfortable For Your Pets?

According to the Department of Energy, it’s recommended to turn up your air conditioner to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home and up to 85 when you are not home. If you have pets that are staying in the house while you are gone, leave the temperature at 78 degrees. The body temperature of cats and dogs is about 4 degrees higher than humans. So, if it’s a comfortable temperature for you, it’s usually a comfortable temperature for your pet as well!

Pet Owner’s Tips!

A dog’s temperature should not reach over 104 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Humane Society. But, how dogs cool down is even more important. Dogs and cats pant to cool themselves. When they pant, moisture evaporates from their lungs, which then cools them down. Cats and dogs also know where the coolest spots in the house are. That’s why sometimes you’ll find your cat sitting in the sink or your puppy sprawled out on the tile floor. While our animals can fight the heat, keeping your Corpus Christi home properly air-conditioned is still important to keep them safe and cool.

Always have a fresh bowl of water in a spot that is accessible to the pets so they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated allows the animals to keep themselves cool. It’s also a good idea to close the blinds or drapes to keep the heat outside.

If your pet has a smushed face, like a pug or Persian cat, they may have a harder time controlling their own body temperature. Because of their facial structure, they have a harder time breathing and should always have an air-conditioned home to help them.

Contact CCAC

Heatwaves aren’t fun for pets or humans. It’s important to keep up with AC maintenance to make sure your AC system is running well enough to keep you and your furry friends cool.

For AC maintenance or repairs in the Corpus Christi, Texas area, schedule with CCAC today.



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