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Summer AC Tips to Save You Money

May 4, 2021 | Blog

The summer heat is overbearing to almost everyone, AC units and wallets included.

But, there are some ways that you can keep cool against the heat and save some money while doing so! By changing some of your AC habits in the summer months, you can make your utility bill each month cheaper without much hassle. At Mathews CCAC we want you to be informed on some of the best practices to keep your AC running longer, without having to break the bank.

Get an AC Tune-Up

The best way to ensure that you won’t be paying more than necessary during the summer is to have your entire AC unit inspected during the spring. This will help keep your system maintained and can expose anything that might be broken within the unit that you might not have known existed.

At CCAC, we offer seasonal tune-ups to ensure you have peace of mind that everything within your AC unit is working in the correct order when going into a new season. Any issue that is found within your system is flagged and fixed to ensure your unit will stay reliable and prepared for anything else that can be thrown it’s way.

Maintain a Normal AC Temp

If you keep your AC unit at the same temperature all summer long, it can help alleviate the amount of work the unit needs to put in to keep your home cool. By setting the thermostat temperature to a temperature no cooler than 75 degrees, the AC unit is able to have proper shut-off cycles that prevent it from breaking – which also gives the unit the ability to have a break before starting back up again.

When you keep the temperature the same and don’t try to make it even colder, it can save you more money on your utility bill! By decreasing the thermostat temperature inside your home, the overall cost is increased – it’s an inverse exponential relationship.

Turn on a Fan

Although having a fan doesn’t necessarily keep a house cold by itself, it keeps the air circulating throughout your home. This circulation ensures that the heat coming from outside doesn’t stay in one area and is instead slowly spread and eventually dissipated.

When you use a fan in conjunction with your AC unit, you can actually have the temperature on the thermostat set slightly warmer and it will have the same effect as an AC unit that is set at a colder temperature without a fan.

Close the Blinds

Having blinds keeps sunlight out of a room, meaning there is less heat being transferred from the sun and then absorbed by your home! This added protection against the sun allows the AC unit to not have to work overtime to cool a room, and instead can work at a normal pace.

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances 

Appliances like your coffee maker, toaster and tea kettle draw energy even when not in use. This generates heat and results in a higher cost on your monthly utility bill. To cut down on this unnecessary power draw, just simply unplug any appliance when it is not in use!

For more ways to keep your home cool, contact Corpus Christi Air Conditioning to save you money and stay cool all at the same time.

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