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The Texan Guide To Keeping Cool In A Blackout

July 27, 2021 | Blog

If thinking about a power outage during our brutal summers makes you panic, you aren’t alone! Whether we hide inside away from the sun or spend our days at the beach, every Corpus Christi resident knows how much we count on our air conditioners to keep us cool. When the power goes out, how are you supposed to stay cool and safe?

CCAC has the best blackout practices to keep you comfortable until power is returned to your home. Make sure to pay close attention to your body during a blackout — always seek medical attention if you are experiencing any signs of heatstroke. Otherwise, use some of these tactics to help your body regulate your temperature during this inconvenience.

Using Water To Cool Your Body

If you still have access to water, take advantage of it! Water lowers your internal temperature and makes you feel a little less miserable while it is cooling on your skin. Here are some of the best ways to use water as a cooling aid:

  • Wet your hair and let it air dry
  • Soak a bandana or cloth and wrap your head in it
  • Cool your feet in a bucket of water
  • Mist yourself with a spray bottle
  • Take a cool shower

Using these ideas periodically throughout the day will help your body maintain a safe temperature. The last thing you want is to let your body keep heating up!

Using Water To Cool The Air

You don’t necessarily want to use a ton of ice to cool the air — like in a swamp cooler — because there’s no guarantee you’ll have ice available. Instead, soak a few sheets in water and hang them around the house. The air moving around your home will be cooled slightly by the moisture in the sheets. 

If you do happen to have ice available, you can use a battery-powered fan to blow air over it. This may seem like it will be ineffective, but air blown over ice can lower the air temperature by a few degrees — and it will certainly feel good if you stand in front of it!

Staying Hydrated

No, drinking a gallon of sweet tea will not keep you hydrated! It’s best to drink about a half or one gallon of water each day per person — especially during a heated blackout. If you are worried that your water supply may be unreliable or want to be extra prepared for water shortages, store some water containers in your garage or home. Having access to water can make a huge difference in your body’s ability to regulate your temperature.

Eating Strategy

To prepare for a blackout, it’s best to have plenty of dry and canned goods stocked in your pantry. High protein items like nut butter or protein bars will last a long time and provide you with the sustenance you need to get through even a long blackout. 

If you do need to cook something — and you have access to a camp stove that doesn’t require electricity — be sure to use the appliance outside. Any cooking or appliances produce heat that you don’t need in your home. Grills are also a better idea to use than creating heat inside the home. 

Also, try to avoid eating large meals during the hottest part of the day. When you eat, your body begins to digest the food. This process produces heat in your body and will just add to the struggle of trying to cool down your body.

Is Your AC Struggling After The Power Comes Back?

Once you weather the blackout like a champ, your AC should turn back on, but sometimes power outages can surge into your AC system and cause damage. If you suspect your AC was affected by the power outage, count on your team at Mathews CCAC. Our specialists will make sure your home starts to cool down as soon as possible!


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