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What Is That Water Sound In My AC?

September 22, 2021 | Blog

It’s common knowledge that when an appliance begins to make a strange sound, there may be a problem. AC noises are no exception and could indicate damaged parts or a refrigerant leak, indicating costly repairs later down the road.

These noises can be prevented and fixed so that your air conditioner can continue to function like normal. If you’re ever unsure of a problem, our team of professionals at Mathews CCAC AC can help you figure out if it’s cause for alarm.

For now, read on to learn more about some of the sounds that could be coming from your Air Conditioning unit and what the cause could be.


If you hear a dripping sound coming from your air conditioning unit, there’s no need to worry. Condensation usually occurs in units that are functioning properly!

It is created when water is taken out of the air to rid the room of humidity. This water then turns into condensation inside the unit. The dripping sound you hear is this water emptying into the drip pan, which is then drained through a line.

If the dripping evolves into the sound of running water, then there may be a more serious problem. In this case, you may want to contact a professional for an AC tune-up.


A splashing noise, usually accompanied by the sound of running water, may be a sign of a condensation build-up. The drip pan may not be draining, and then overflows with the excess condensation. Splashing sounds occur when this water flows from the drip pan.

A clogged condensate drainpipe may be the problem in this case. It may have become blocked by dirt and debris.

This backup of water can lead to serious problems. Water may begin to leak out of the unit and into your home, or the AC’s internal parts could be damaged. Contact a professional if you suspect your condensate pipe is blocked.

Gurgling/ Bubbling

If you hear a gurgling sound, this could be a sign of an internal pressure issue. This could be caused by the presence of too much refrigerant or a refrigerant leak. Incorrect refrigerant levels lead to an imbalance of pressure, letting air in where it shouldn’t be. This trapped air then causes a bubbling sound.

A clogged or cracked drain is another problem that can be indicated by gurgling sounds. The drain’s failure to properly remove excess water will cause a bubbling noise as water builds up. It’s best to contact a professional if you suspect this is the issue, as serious water damage can occur.

Need A Tune-Up Or Repair? Turn To The Professionals

The best way to prevent problems with your air conditioner is to get routine maintenance. Tune-ups can catch any problem before they evolve into bigger issues. This includes hearing strange water sounds coming from inside the unit. Our team at Corpus Christi HVAC offers a tune-up service that includes:

• Condenser Coil Cleaning
• Coolant Level Inspection
• Thermostat Calibration
• Ductwork Inspection
• Electrical Component Inspection
• Internal Part Lubrication
• Full Unit Cleaning

We also offer repair services should a major HVAC problem occur. Contact us today for a tune-up!

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