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What’s So Important About Indoor Air Quality?

April 21, 2022 | Blog

When it comes to maintaining our health, the air we breathe arguably matters more than the food we consume or the exercises we enjoy. Too much humidity or unchecked allergens can seriously hinder our well-being, making indoor air quality (or IAQ) solutions from Mathews CCAC all the more important.

Before reaching out for professional help, however, most homeowners want answers to a couple of basic questions. Namely, what exactly is IAQ?

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

This term basically refers to the cleanliness of indoor air, as well as how safe it is for consumption. Despite the efforts of even the most vigilant homeowners, airborne pollutants inevitably gather over time. Fumes from cooking and cleaning supplies, outdoor pesticides and tobacco smoke can accumulate over several months, making it harder to breathe.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these pollutants must be addressed to maintain proper respiratory health. That’s where air purification services come in. A professional team can identify which irritants are most prevalent in your home, as well as which IAQ solutions will minimize these hazardous materials in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Air Purification?

Allergy Management

If you constantly experience cold symptoms like a runny nose or irritated throat, you’re probably a victim of indoor allergies. Substances like dust mites, cockroach droppings or pet dander tend to float through the air, eventually finding a way into your nose. Additionally, common outdoor allergens like pollen can sneak in through cracked windows or doors.

Through IAQ services, a professional can recommend both indoor and outdoor allergen-resistant air purification methods. Additionally, make sure to schedule regular AC maintenance appointments and swap out filters often, as these steps can similarly minimize allergy symptoms.

Limited Germs

Although no one can be fully protected from germs, excellent indoor air quality should limit the number of viral and bacterial particles in your home. Additionally, a well-maintained HVAC system can prevent mold or fungi growth, meaning harmful spores won’t be floating around indoors. This ultimately reduces your family’s risk of contracting a serious infection.

Minimal Humidity

Speaking of mold, these dangerous growths typically fester in warm, moist environments. On top of filtering out irritants like mildew through humidity management and improved ventilation, an IAQ system can prevent these substances from ever appearing.

Cheaper Utility Bills

An excess of humidity, allergens and bacterial particles leads to improper circulation, meaning your HVAC system may get overworked simply from cycling air through its vents. If unaddressed, this will result in shockingly high utility bills.

Conversely, when a homeowner swaps out their filters regularly and implements other air filtration solutions, their cooling system can maintain smooth airflow, which translates into lower monthly costs.

Better Sleep

The vast majority of Americans complain about poor sleep quality. More often than not, disrupted breathing patterns are to blame. All of the previously mentioned benefits — including reduced moisture and minimal allergens — will allow you to breathe easier, meaning you can stay asleep all night long.

Corpus Christi Indoor Air Quality Services

If you’re ready to create a cleaner, more comfortable living environment for your family, request a service appointment with Mathews CCAC today. We’ll first conduct an IAQ analysis, then propose personalized air filtration methods to help you breathe easier.

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