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Should I Buy A New Thermostat Too?

After you have gone through the entire process of analyzing and choosing the perfect AC unit for your home, you’ll be excited to start seeing more accurate cooling. With your efficient AC installation approaching, you may wonder if it is necessary to replace your thermostat too. It is the brain of the AC system after all!

CCAC is here to help you make all the right decisions for your cooling needs. While it is not required that you install a new thermostat at the time of AC installation, there are several perks to having every piece of the system updated. Keep reading to learn why thermostat replacement is a good idea and what kinds of thermostats you can consider today!

Why Is A New Thermostat Helpful?

Your AC system works with many pieces and parts to deliver the cool air you feel from your vents. If one of those components isn’t working correctly or as efficiently as it could be, the entire system may not perform as accurately as it should. The thermostat in your air regulation system serves as the brain of the operation. You have to make sure that the connection between the brain and the rest of the system is flawless if you want the precise cooling you desire. 

Plus, with modern technology increasing every day, a new thermostat might offer you control and savings you’ve never even dreamed of. Avoid thermostat trouble causing you to be uncomfortable in your home and explore the following options you have for your thermostat installation!

What Are The Kinds Of Thermostat Upgrades?

Thermostats are available in many different forms, including manual or touchscreen. However, thermostat technology has made some leaps that can make your cooling system highly efficient and your use experience smoother and easier than ever before.

1. Programmable

Not only can you find thermostats with LCD or touchscreen capabilities, but you can also control your home’s comfort easier. Instead of setting the temperature of your home when you are hot or cold and waiting for the AC system to respond, you can now set temperatures ahead of time for your convenience. This is especially helpful if you come and go from your home on a regular pattern because your AC can be set to stop cooling when you aren’t at home and start cooling before you get home. This can save you money on energy bills and help you avoid that inconvenient waiting time as your AC turns on.

2. WiFi/ Bluetooth 

Wireless technology advancements allow you to control your thermostat from afar. You can control your thermostat from your phone or computer by using WiFi connections. This could allow you to have more convenient control over your comfort and accurately change the temperature of your home.

3. Smart Thermostat

Another step up in technology usage is the Smart thermostat. Your thermostat itself can be connected through WiFi to your AC system. You can have access to all the thermostat controls through an app on your phone or computer. Plus, smart technology allows you to monitor the temperature, humidity and energy usage of your AC systema any time. Some Smart thermostats even learn your behaviors and predict what temperature you’d like your home at different times of the day!

Need A New Thermostat For AC Installation?

Mathews CCAC can help with a perfect installation or answer any thermostat questions you have. We are dedicated to delivering the best thermostat services in Corpus Christi to make sure your AC installation is a complete success. Give us a call today!

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